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Popcorn Fundraiser

Pack 1 Warwick picked up popcorn this morning for the start of show and selling. Check our Facebook page to see where we are at every weekend from now through the end of October.

Popcorn fundraising helps fund BSA, Councils, and local units. Below is an estimated breakdown of where the money goes.

For every $10

  • $3 goes back to BSA organization and to pay for the popcorn
    • Producing Scouting Magazine, which was started here in Rhode Island
    • National events
    • And much more!!!
  • $7 stays with local councils and units
    • Funding of local units, like our pack
    • Upkeep of camps for scouts
    • Council events for units and youth to attend
    • Camperships for youth to attend summer camp
    • And much more!!!

This is a great way to show support for what is a great program that teaches our youth core values and responsibility – not only right from wrong, but specific, affirmative values such as fairness, courage, honor, and respect for others.

© 2021 Pack 1 Warwick Cub Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Pack 1 Warwick Cub Scouts - Boy Scouts of America