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2021 Pinewood Derby

It is that time of year where we have designed, cut, sanded, and painted our cars. Most of the scouts have turned in their cars as of last night. All we have left is to setup the track and to race. But this year will be different due to the current pandemic, the primary audience will be virtual. The racing will happen based on stable groups.

While we get the track ready to race, we request that every family submits their vote for the cars they think have the best design, is the most original, and the best paint job. Follow the links below for each group, each family is suggested to submit a vote in each group and category. We then will verify the votes and come up with the winners for each group and category, so stay tuned.


When I make my car, I hope that I can win.
Everything is ready, the weight & shine & spin.
The first race is the real test, to see how good it is.
My helper is happy too, you’d think the car is his!
Eventually I lose a race, and it is hard to take,
But my helper and I sure had fun,
A Pinewood Derby car to make!


© 2021 Pack 1 Warwick Cub Scouts - Boy Scouts of America
© 2021 Pack 1 Warwick Cub Scouts - Boy Scouts of America